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Materials that are uploaded is to be accessible all over the Uzbekistan

International Projects

Project that allows students to travel and study in other parts of the world

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Becoming a member of We Care opens doors to amzing opportunities.

Online Lessons

Don't go out of your house and learn English language easily.

Project We Care

We care was innitiated by the group of people who are willing and of course able to provide English Learners with materials that are essential in their academic life. Another distinctive approach that We Care is taking, making the learning process accessible to people all over the Uzbekistan

April 18 is to be the day when Learning English langueage will start becoming easier and easier day by day. We do hope and believe that you will help us educating people to English language in an easy way while not requiring not that much finance as it does if you go to learning centers.

Akhrorbek Shavkatov

Founder of We Care Project

Our Team.

The main aim of our team is to help people in their English learning Process

Davlatyor Atobaev

Project Manager

Zafar Sharipov

Marketing Manager

Madiyor Allanazarov

International Projects

Fasikhiddin Khasanov

Head of Academic Office